Toula, Toronto’s Other 360 Restaurant

Over the past few days I have been attending an industry-related conference at the Westin Harbour Castle, located right at Bay & Queens Quay.

On the first night, I was lucky enough to be invited to a reception at Toula. The restaurant, which is located on the top floor of the hotel, has been known as Toronto’s ‘other’ revolving restaurant. For many years, much like the restaurant atop the CN Tower, Toula slowly revolved which allowed for patrons to have a beautiful 360-degree view of Toronto and its waterfront. Sadly, the restaurant no longer revolves. As it turns out, the restaurant underwent renovations a few years ago which involved a new floor and the end of the revolving floor.

Aside from the lack of rotation, the view from Toula is absolutely breathtaking and the food was fantastic. Attending for a special event with a large group meant that we were ordering off of a fixed menu; I ordered a green salad and pasta, with ice cream for dessert. The food was so favourable, I had absolutely no complaints; a definite change from my last blog post. Following the event, I checked out the regular menu online and it looked even better than what I was offered.

Although the menu is a bit pricier than the majority of Toronto hot-spots, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to other twenty-somethings. Probably not a casual Monday-night venue, but definitely a very good option for any type of special celebration such as a birthday, anniversary or engagement.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap many photos from this event; I didn’t want to be that young professional constantly on her phone taking pictures. I did manage to snap a quick picture of my dessert; as you can tell, it was delicious!

Delicious dessert at Toula!

Delicious dessert at Toula!

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