Reasons I love Toronto

It was announced last week by YoutfulCities that Toronto is the ‘most youthful’ city to live in the world. That mean’s us twenty-somethings have access to more opportunity, entertainment and 78 other indicators that attract those in the 15-29 demographic. This is quite a major accomplishment for out city, who beat Berlin and New York City in the top 3; two cities which are considerably larger than outs.

Here are 5 reasons why I LOVE living in Toronto:

  1. Accessibility – As much flack as many of us give the TTC, it’s actually fairly accessible to use in the downtown core. I have rarely had to wait an extended period time for a subway, streetcar or bus; that is, since I moved away from the suburbs. Living steps away from Wellesley Station doesn’t hurt either.
  2. Loyalty – Toronto is home to a terrible soccer team, a terrible baseball team, a terrible football team and a terrible hockey team. Just by writing that last sentence I expect to be faced with a collection of “OMG, HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT” comments, but let me finish. We may not have any league-winning teams, but we love them just the same. Torontonians are so proud of where they’re from and what we’re all about. FACT: Once while out of province someone legitimately walked away from me mid-conversation once I mentioned I was from Toronto. Obviously I didn’t care, because I am from the best city in the world.
  3. Diversity – Living in the ‘gaybourhood’ I am basically living in the mecca or diversity; everyone is accepted. Inside and outside of my neighbourhood, Toronto is filled with people of all different shapes, sizes, colours and beliefs. We are so welcoming and supportive of everyone; until they become our leader and are caught smoking crack.
  4. Educational Opportunity – Toronto is the home to four universities and four colleges. The combination of these eight institutions on an undergrad, post-grad and continuing education level offer a wide variety of interesting courses; there is something for everyone.
  5. Job Opportunity – There is so much opportunity for career building in Toronto. Many of my friends searched high and low for job opportunities in their home towns, but the majority of them have now found their careers in Toronto.
  6. Variety – Toronto literally has something for everyone. I could eat at a restaurant for each meal for the rest of my life and probably wouldn’t have to visit the same place twice. There are neighbourhoods to fit everyone’s personality and interests. Everyday I discover something new about this great city.

What are your favourite things about living in Toronto?

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