Toula, Toronto’s Other 360 Restaurant

Over the past few days I have been attending an industry-related conference at the Westin Harbour Castle, located right at Bay & Queens Quay.

On the first night, I was lucky enough to be invited to a reception at Toula. The restaurant, which is located on the top floor of the hotel, has been known as Toronto’s ‘other’ revolving restaurant. For many years, much like the restaurant atop the CN Tower, Toula slowly revolved which allowed for patrons to have a beautiful 360-degree view of Toronto and its waterfront. Sadly, the restaurant no longer revolves. As it turns out, the restaurant underwent renovations a few years ago which involved a new floor and the end of the revolving floor.

Aside from the lack of rotation, the view from Toula is absolutely breathtaking and the food was fantastic. Attending for a special event with a large group meant that we were ordering off of a fixed menu; I ordered a green salad and pasta, with ice cream for dessert. The food was so favourable, I had absolutely no complaints; a definite change from my last blog post. Following the event, I checked out the regular menu online and it looked even better than what I was offered.

Although the menu is a bit pricier than the majority of Toronto hot-spots, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to other twenty-somethings. Probably not a casual Monday-night venue, but definitely a very good option for any type of special celebration such as a birthday, anniversary or engagement.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap many photos from this event; I didn’t want to be that young professional constantly on her phone taking pictures. I did manage to snap a quick picture of my dessert; as you can tell, it was delicious!

Delicious dessert at Toula!

Delicious dessert at Toula!

For more about Toula, visit:


It’s Raining Grilled Cheese in Kensington

Today,  my friend Lisa and I headed to the streets of Toronto in search for some comfort food given the dismally rainy day.

We ended up at The Grilled Cheese; located in Kensington on Nassaua, just west of Agusta.

When we first arrived at our destination, which was recommended by my roommate, we were unsure. At first glance, it appears as somewhat of a hole in the wall, mind you, as does most of the area. None the less, we decided to enter the restaurant and it had a really rustic, but cool, vibe. When we first arrived there was one other customer, but even though it was middle of the afternoon the place ended up being filled with people by the time we left.

The menu consisted of approximately ten grilled cheese options. I ordered the BLACK JACK, which was $6, and added avocado and bacon, which were an extra $2 each. As you can likely tell from the photo below, it was delicious. I really enjoyed the olive pesto, which was something I certainly never imagined including on my standard grilled cheese. My meal also came with a side of rippled potato chips and a big juicy pickle – two perfect pairings for grilled cheese. The meal was nothing short of amazing; reasonably priced, tasty and fulfilled my desire for comfort food. I would definitely go back.


My delicious BLACK JACK, yumm!

One key thing to keep in mind is that this is a CASH only restaurant, which I was not aware of and resulted in Lisa buying my lunch (Thanks Leese 🙂 ).

After lunch we decided to do a bit of shopping in Kensington. I ended up getting an awesome pair of earrings at Kid Icarus, but we wrapped our afternoon up quickly due to the rain.

Sadly, The Grilled Cheese doesn’t have a website I can share with you, but while I was hunting for it I came across an old BlogTO post naming The Grilled Cheese as the top spot to get grilled cheese in the city. Check the article out here:

Jumpin’ Around

As I continue further and further into my twenties, I’ve come to the realization that going to the clubs every weekend isn’t as fun as it used to be – and my friends have noticed this too. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve started looking for new and unique ways to celebrate our birthdays, many trying as hard as possible to avoid the clubs on King Street. It seems that our ‘new and unique’ search has more or less resulted in us celebrating in ways we missed out on as kids, or even just reliving them.

This past weekend, my cousin Rob celebrated his 27th birthday. For this very special occasion, we ditched the club and headed to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. It was awesome. I joined Rob and 18 of his closest friends to bounce around for an hour of fun, followed by a party room with pizza, unlimited fountain drinks and a very special The Nightmare Before Christmas (Rob’s favourite movie)-themed cake!

And this wasn’t your average trampoline fun, there was a twist! Not only did we bounce around for the hour, but we played dodge ball while doing it. Although we continued to rotate our teams, trampoline dodge ball ended up becoming quite competitive – with people leaving the court dripping in sweat.

Preparing for Dodge Ball fun!

Preparing for Dodge Ball fun!

Overall, a great time was had by all. If you’re looking for something fun and active for an upcoming event, perhaps even a team builder, I would strongly recommend this venue.

Following trampoline dodge ball a few of us headed to a friends condo to catch up and play Cards Against Humanity. A successful night, without the post-birthday hangover.

The Group!

The Group!

Have any other ‘non clubbing’ birthday ideas? Let me know, perhaps you’ll see your idea in a future birthday blog post!

Today is Rob’s actually birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!!

Rob's Awesome Birthday Cake!

Rob’s Awesome Birthday Cake!

For more information on Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline park, visit:

This week, on TwentiesTO

Hi Blogisphere,

My apologies for  being MIA the past few weeks – I’ve been away dealing with a personal matter, but do not fear!! Look forward to awesome upcoming posts for twenty-somethings featuring:

  • Booby U, Toga Style;
  • Jumpin’ Jumpin’ Birthdays – playing like a kid, but not being one; and
  • MORE!!

Hope everyone is having an excellent Sunday Funday 🙂 Let me know if you’ve checked out anything awesome over the weekend.