More about the Mo

Ladies, Movember is officially over!! While it has been quite entertaining to watch the mo’s grow over the past 30 days, it will be nice to finally see some clean-shaven faces around the office again.

Congratulations to everyone who raised money in support of men’s health! According to Movember Canada, 173,077 Canadian’s raised more than $27 million in their Movember initiatives and approximately $97 million was raised worldwide. Canada was the top fundraising country which is something to be extremely proud of – pat yourself on the back Canucks!

As mentioned in “Movember: What you need to Mo,” I helped celebrate the end of Movember by attending Toronto’s gala on Friday night at Kool Haus.

The event can more or less be summarized by this promotional video:

(Courtesy of Movember)

There were all kinds of mos everywhere! Young mos, old mos, dyed mos, long mos, pirate mos, Mario mos, nice looking mos, not so nice looking mos and just disgusting mos!

It was definitely another well executed event in Toronto. It’s pretty safe to say that twenty-somethings love to have their photo taken; at the Movember Gala there were a number of photo-booths where they could do just that. Upon arriving there was a step and repeat, and inside you could have your photo taken on a motorcycle (sponsored by Harley Davidson) or play in the tickle-trunk for a funny photo. You could also have these shots directly emailed to you, which is something I’m very impressed with and starting to see more and more at events.

Speaking of shots, the liquor was definitely flowing at this event. Rickard’s and Appleton’s were both onsite giving out free drinks.

In terms of entertaining, the event started out with live music and ended with a DJ; music for everyone. We definitely danced the night away.

In summary, this was an amazing event. I had a great time and will definitely be back next year. The only short falls were that we didn’t win for best costume and that I had to leave a bit earlier than my friends because (silly me) I wore new heels and my feet hurt by the end of the night.

Great work Movember!

Until next year ;)

Until next year 😉

For more about Movember, visit:


5 thoughts on “More about the Mo

  1. It amazes me how quickly Movember grew and took off…weren’t we in undergrad when it all started? What a great cause, and it looked like a great party! I must agree though, I too am happy to see those staches gone!

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  3. It’s about time those staches left! Let’s just hope ‘Decem-beard’ doesn’t take off…although beards are better than moustaches.

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