Surviving Decembrrrs.

In just over 48 hours it will be December 1st, or as I like to call it, ‘Decembrrr’.

Although it’s not official until December 21st (also my birthday), winter seems to have arrived. What does that mean for Torontonians? As children we play in it, as teens we’re out shoveling it and by our thirties many of us are back out there (with children) playing in it. But what about us twenty-somethings? Well, most of us are trying to make the most of it.

Decembrrr – the last month of the year, a month of extended shopping hours, holiday craziness and the beginning of hibernation.

Here are five suggested ways to avoid the Decembrrrs:

1. Skating at Nathan Phillips Square

Honestly, this is something I’ve never done, but it’s at the top of my to-do list for my first winter as an official Torontonian. In the heart of the city, this seems to be a pretty popular destination in Toronto. I’ve checked it out a bit online and it looks like it’s now open for business 9:00 am – 10:00 pm everyday (weather permitting) until March. They even offer reasonably priced rentals.

2. Visit the Christmas Market

Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District is officially open for business November 29th (tomorrow). Just like the markets in Europe, this Christmas Market has all the tree trimmings. Be sure to check out the vendors for some one of a kind gifts, listen to the carolers, and finish the afternoon with a nice hot cocoa.

3. Have a wild night in

Beat the lines by not leaving your home.  Have a group of friends over for dinner, perhaps suggest a potluck (friend disclaimer – I promise not to critique your food on my blog). Maybe have a games night; Cards Against Humanity is always a good time. Movie nights are also a win.

4. Take a mini-vacation

Sometimes it’s good to just get away.You could be like my roommate and take off to Miami as soon as it snows, but there are also a variety in-province mini-vacations to have. Time for a sublist, here are a few options:

[a] Head to the cottage – find a friend who has one or look into renting one, cottage country is BEAUTIFUL in the winter (but make sure you head up in an SUV).
[b] Blue Mountain – ski the slops, head to Scandinave for a massage, or just hang out in the outdoor pool at the Westin (don’t worry, it’s heated); there is something for everyone.
[c] Go home to visit  Mom and Dad (and hang out by the fire – most apartments do not have these).

5. Help those less fortunate.

During the holidays it’s important to remember those less fortunate. While fighting the crowds at the mall, don’t forget to stop by Salvation Army. Perhaps gather some friends and head to the nearest food bank, soup kitchen or shelter to lend a helping hand. A good deed goes a long way and you’ll feel great about doing it.

I plan to be partaking in all of the above during the month of Decembrrr and throughout the impending winter. Don’t be surprised if I blog about an experience or two (definitely numbers 1 & 2).

What are you doing to fight the Decembrrrs?


12 thoughts on “Surviving Decembrrrs.

  1. This list is awesome! I wish I did half of these things while I was living in Toronto! Makes me want to go back soon and maybe make my own rendition of this list to check off 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration Sandy, I love your blog!

  2. I have been in TO for 6 years now…and I still haven’t been despite living across from Mel Lastman Square which also has a skating rink! skating has been on the list…maybe this year will finally be the winter I go! so this has given me that reminder to go!!!

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  4. Sandy, what an awesome blog…it has given me a few ideas if I’m in T.O. this Decembrrr! I visited the distillery district last year around this time and it was well worth the trip. Even meeting up at one of their cafes with a friend makes for a nice outing, which gets me thinking…we need to meet up for the holidays! Would love to partake in any of the above activities if I can make it down to T.O. for a visit! Keep me posted 🙂

  5. I think your ideas are great – especially loving the “helping others”!!!! I would also say that walking along the boardwalk is also beautiful (although chilly) in the city in Decembrrr 🙂 Hope everything goes well! 🙂

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