Boobyball, Toga Style.

This past Friday (October, 18th) my girlfriends and I headed to Boobyball, a fun and trendy event targeting twenty-somethings and in support of young women battling breast cancer.

This was my first year attending this event, and it certainly will not be my last. The “What to Wear” page states “Go Greek. Go geek. Go campus chic.” My girlfriends and I decided to go Greek; and although some went geek and most went chic, we totally rocked our togas with pride!

Lisa & I in our togas, pre-Boobyball

Lisa & I in our togas, pre-Boobyball

The event itself was nothing short of spectacular (and this coming from someone whose job includes event planning). Highlights include:

  • $30 Uber Car Service – my place to Sound Academy was $24, so basically we got a free ride in a luxurious SUV;
  • Nail station, hair station and make-up station, each strategically placed next to one of 3 photo booths (dressed up girls LOVE photos);
  • Open bar including Yellow Tail pink champagne and a variety of Beam brands, balanced with a variety of yummy apps throughout the evening;
  • Cool music and entertainment; and
  • Amazing loot bag – including another Uber voucher, various other gift cards, gym passes, food samples and an assortment of other fabulous treats!!

I truly wish there were more amazing events like this in Toronto – targeted towards the young working female, while affordable. If you know of any upcoming that I should check out, please, please, please let me know.

Friends & I at Booby U!

Friends & I at Booby U!

For more information, visit:

Next up: find out why and how I played trampoline dodgeball the evening following Boobyball


3 thoughts on “Boobyball, Toga Style.

  1. Ohhhh that’s what boobyball is! I saw it on so many people’s news feeds and I had no idea what it was all about…guess I’m out of the loop, but thanks to you I’m now with the times and I will have to try to attend next year!

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