Fall Treats: Brunching on a Patio!

Last Sunday, my friend Anna and I had the opportunity to experience something very rare for this time of the year – brunch on a patio! My friends and I are still complaining about the sad excuse of a summer we experience in Toronto this past season… it was too cold, not enough sun and there were even a few days that I had to wear a SWEATER to work in July!!

By June I was telling everyone, “Don’t worry, September is going to be amazing.” But then September came around and I waited, and waited, until FINALLY, on the second last day of September, I was able to have brunch on a patio.

Anna and I headed to Flo’s Diner, a nice, little second-level restaurant overlooking Yorkville Ave. In the heart of trendy, and usually expensive, Yorkville, this spot was a perfect place to catch up with an old friend. The menu was equally as fabulous as my company. Of course it had your standard ‘bacon and eggs’ option, but it also had a variety of other items to choose from. I had an omelette with avocado, onions, ham and swiss (although I passed on the onions). It was fairly priced, at around $12, and delicious! I would have shared a photo, but I was too hungry to wait any longer!

The staff were friendly and attentive. Other patrons were a decent mix of twenty-something’s and ritzy Yorkvillers.

I just checked the forecast and it looks like there may be a few more brunches (or after work brews) on patios between now and Thanksgiving. Be sure to take advantage now – it won’t be long until parka season!

For more about Flo’s Diner, visit: http://www.flosdiner.ca/


One thought on “Fall Treats: Brunching on a Patio!

  1. You’ll have to come up for a visit on the Bruce Peninsula next spring/summer Sandy…I have a couple quaint little patio venues we can visit!

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