Welcome note.

As a twenty-something living in the city, I realize that amidst the chaos of making a name for myself at my entry-level job, paying off student debt, trying to save for a down-payment and doing my very best to pay all my bills on time, that in order to keep my sanity, I need to go out and have some fun!

Lucky for me, I recently moved to the city and now believe that I have the perfect backyard to have said fun.

As a twenty-something straight girl living in the gaybourhood (Church & Wellesley) I’ve quickly come to the realization that there is A TUN of amazing experiences to be had in this city. That is, before I’m a thirty-something who has hopefully been promoted, paid off those loans, maybe bought a house, settled down with or thinking about kids and ALWAYS paying my bills on time (Mom, if you are reading this, stop freaking out, I’m trying my best).

If you are a twenty-something living in the city like me, or wish you were a twenty-something and/or living in the city, I encourage you to continue to read past this first blog post. Following me as a blog about being a twenty-something trying to survive in this city; I will be sharing with you my experiences and opinions on a variety of topics including: cool places in Toronto, random finds, ways to have fun without spending dumb and other interesting experiences along the way.

Until next time…

A twenty-something.


2 thoughts on “Welcome note.

  1. Sandy, I must admit I read your blogs in reverse chronological order because just last month I was still a twenty-something working full-time while still bound to the books studying for the biggest exam of my life (yes, your keener roomie from the past still had her nose stuck in a book haha) but the exam is over, and I know feel as though I can start living and investing my time in things I WANT to do not HAVE to do! So here I am, catching up on your blog and loving every one of them!

    I’m currently living on a beautiful piece of land known as the Bruce Peninsula but despite its beauty and bountiful nature, I must say it is quite isolated and I’m definitely living vicariously through your blogs! You have given me so many great ideas of things to do while in T.O., I have actually created a list for myself so I have some fun suggestions of things to do when the BF comes to visit!

    Thank you for these great tips, insightful life lessons and fun activities. Here’s to our twenty-somethings!

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